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BEYOND wine release

I’ve just released a small selection of wines from ‘beyond’ my Barossa home.

There’s a new Adelaide Hills Lenswood Pinot Noir, Sierra Foothills Mataro and the new Bluebird Grenache vintage.

Just click the link below to find out more.

jc’s own wine club


I’m a Barossa guy at heart, but the grass is always greener - right? The last few years i’ve been venturing abroad and making some wines from a beautiful high altitude vineyard in the USA. Then I figured the Adelaide Hills is just down the road so I might as well try something out there. So the Wine Club sends two shipments per year, ‘Barossa’ releases in March, ‘Beyond’ releases in October.


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about jc’s own


I’ve been making wine for twenty years now, mostly in the Barossa, most recently in the USA but I do it because it’s a hell of a lot of fun for me and I get a lot out of the process. My enjoyment stems from being outdoors, the physical work and getting dirty, the science with a bit of guesswork and the chance to drink many amazing wines in the name of research. They call it a lifestyle industry and i’m all in on this.

Through all this and getting older and apparently more wise, i’ve come to realise that wine is about what you want it to be. For me there’s a time for fun, enjoyment and adventure. There’s also the realisation that some special vineyards just need to be bottled without mucking about too much. So you’ll see that in my JC’s Own wines - some adventurously different wines in style and packaging and limited releases that pay respect to distinguished single sites around the world.

I’ve also got a great young family and as such living sustainably sits high in our household. We live day to day with respect to our environment and I bring this to my wines, in as much as I can control. I seek grapes from sustainable vineyards, i’m minimalistic in my winemaking where using natural yeasts, low sulphurs and no fining and filtration also sit well within this philosophy. In short, these are pure wines that fuel my enjoyment and it’s awesome I can share this with you.